Section, Axonometric, Mapping

PROJECT: Section, Axonometric, Mapping
COURSE: Visual Studies Architectural Drawing
PROFESSOR: Phil Parker
DATE: Fall 2005

1. Section:

The main principle behind the section drawings and particularly their relation to the material prints of the shoe is the disjunction between print and material reality of the shoe. Each of the prints captures movement as the shoe rotates across the plane of the paper, thus causing a distortion in the printed image of the shoe. Related to these prints is the actual state of the shoe, attempting to track the relationship between movement and the difference between the paper and section cut plane.


2. Axonometric:

Dealing with the rotation of the shoe in relation to the print and axon, this drawing works back and forth between drawing and print. First a print was made, then sections were cut through that print, and drawn in axon. Then one of the drawings was rotated, informing the axis around which the shoe rotates, going back and informing the location of the print. This working back and forth between drawing and printing creates a dialogue between both representations of the shoe, reinforcing and breaking down that relationship.


3. Mapping:

A verbal description of the life of the shoe – from purchase to mutilation – formed the basis of a conceptual mapping of that description. This cognitive mapping serves as a method for looking into the relationship between different representations of the same process or object (i.e. the words and the drawing).


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