Performing the Public: Community Center

PROJECT: Performing the Public Community Center
LOCATION: New York, NY  |  SIZE: 25,000 sf
PROFESSOR: Phil Parker
DATE: Spring 2006

DESCRIPTION: This cultural institution will serve as a public anchor at one corner of the proposed Hudson Rail Yards development. The project looked at the variations in exchange, movement, and position to analyze the emergence of the public from a collection of individuals. The line is the fundamental unit, an element that can move across disciplines and concerns and carry a critical charge as material intensity. These line intensities and their shifts across social, material, or political relations resonate with architectural rhythms.

This process-based studio focused on a single moment—the emergence of a “public.”  Interaction, which is captured through a two-dimensional line drawing, becomes a three-dimensional construct through the “playing” of social and site forces that affect it. Ultimately architectural program, space, and structure emerge from what was once a seemingly simple, flat line drawing. The coincidence of both public and site forces on a flat membrane result in the creation of dynamic three-dimensional, and ultimately architectural space.  In a similar fashion to the public definition developed through intense analysis, a comprehensive and specific definition of program and structure emerged.

Hudson Yards Site Analysis

Hudson Yards Site Plan

Hudson Yards Force Diagram

Hudson Yards Machine Photo 1

Hudson Yards Machine Photo 5

Hudson Yards Upper Plan

Hudson Yards Lower Plan

Hudson Yards Machine Photo 2

Hudson Yards Section BB

Hudson Yards Section AA

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