Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

PROJECT: Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
CLIENT: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center  |  LOCATION: Manhattan, New York
SIZE: 15,000 sf  |  CONSTRUCTION COST: $5 M  |  COMPLETION DATE: March 2010
ARCHITECT: daSilva Architects  |  ROLE: Design Team Member
ENGINEER: AKF Group  |  CONTRACTOR: JGN Construction

DESCRIPTION: Two floor renovation of office space in midtown for the creation of a new outpatient rehabilitation center. Program includes consult offices, exam suites, group rooms, and a large physical therapy gym with individual treatment cubicles surrounding it. Designed with a spa-like interior to provide a comfortable space for cancer patients receiving treatment.

515 Reception 1

515 Madison Reception 2

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515 Treatment 1

515 Gym 3


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